Timber river tables and bench tops are made from beautiful natural timbers that have been kiln dried. We can supply many different types and styles and every single piece will be totally unique.
If you want a river table with a specific colour resin, we can make it using resin colour of your choice so it will complement its location. It’s not just about river (Epoxy) tables, we supply natural timber slabs with polyurethane or natural surfaces, and a wide range of platters and chopping boards. What this shows, is that anything can be produced to suit your requirements. The dining tables can come just as slabs so that you can choose your own legs, or we can offer heavy duty metal powder coated legs.
There are also a range of dining chairs that may suit your needs.
From Occasional/Coffee Tables to 8/10-Seater Dining Tables and any custom-made Benchtops made to your specific dimensions.
Kitchen bench tops – large and small dining tables – coffee tables – platters cutting boards the choice is endless so let us know what you are looking for and we can try to accommodate your needs.

At TRT we pride ourselves in bringing you the most beautiful natural timbers direct from the mill in Vietnam and combining them with Epoxy Resin to create amazing unique tops that can be used for kitchens and tables. There are no limitations as to where you can use these River Slabs.

What’s an Epoxy River Table?

An Epoxy River Table is a hybrid furniture, made of natural timber and resin. The Resin Epoxy is floated between the timber and looks like a flowing river.
These tables and benchtops are very modern but at the same time
extremely elegant and highquality. They are really eye-catching and radiate an exotic beauty.
Above all, the Epoxy River Tables create a very exciting contrast through the combination of wood and mostly dyed resin and are therefore extremely appealing and unique.
There are simply no limitations to this exciting mixture of timber and resin.
Tables – Benchtops and Benches – Coffee Tables – Headboards – Chopping Boards – Wall Panels.
If you have an application you think could work, then let us know.

Hand crafted Epoxy resin tops also known as river tops. Design your kitchen to suit your space and we can create the cabinetry and fit a totally unique benchtop to sit on it.
Existing cabinets can be updated by using our non laminated solid NOLINE ACRYLIC doors or double glazed tempered glass.
The owner of TRT has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to timber and furniture production as her familyowned sawmills in Vietnam where she was born. Working and designing furniture for major clients and hotel chains from concept to completion

After the timber slab has been cleaned and sanded down the pieces are placed into the template framing and the epoxy resin is pored
into the mold.
This is where the tops take on their individual and unique appearance. There is no limit to colours if you want to match or compliment existing colours in your home then we can do The raw timber is cut into slabs this.


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